Moon Lit Jasmine is Moon Festival’s official tea blend created by our expert garden curator Paola in partnership with Drury Teas and Coffees. Only available at the festival, this herbal tea is infused with a range of ingredients traditionally associated with the moon and healing:

  • Jasmine – The scent of Jasmine flowers talk of sweet and dreamy nights, their purity increases clarity, understanding and self-compassion.
  • Lemon zest – In ancient times lemons were sacred to Diana, the Goddess of the Moon, and charms blessed in her name were made pinning the fruits with coloured pins. The zest and juice of lemon have purifying properties and will cleanse mind and body from the stress accumulated during the day.
  • Sage – Its silvery leaves are used by shamans to bring meaningful and revealing dreams and at the same time to banish negative energies… best of all worlds!
  • Fennel seeds – Its flowers have calming properties and will help soothing muscular tension. The seeds are also believed to facilitate prophetic dreams and understanding of secretive matters.