Night School

The Night school is a programme to get Londoners to shape and appreciate their city at night. Our guiding light is the Moon, under which glow the best art, poetry, trading and dealings have been carried out. We offer training, we champion community and we promise you’ll be part of the best party London has ever seen.


Do you want to produce your own Youtube series and be trained by the best in the broadcasting industry from BBC to ravensbourne University? Do you want real life experience in the field, broadcasting for one of London’s most dynamic emerging festivals? We’ll give you the best training and a budget to make it happen.


In this course you will learn from the best of the best the ins and outs of putting on events at night and filling your city with art. From outdoors licensing, booking artists and getting funding, if you want to become a player in London’s night-life, then this course is for you. After an intensive month-long training programme you’ll get an opportunity to programme part of London’s most dynamic and exciting summer festivals and to play a key role in your borough’s nightlife.


Are you interested in getting your community’s voice heard? Do you believe your community has a story to tell and that you are just the person to hep them tell it? This course is for you if you want to learn how to connect with your community, do research, learn about the Heritage sector and be noticed by the best in the arts, culture and heritage sectors.