Our Orbit: Rasheeda Page-Muir

Our Orbit: Rasheeda Page-Muir

Welcome to Our Orbit, a weekly space where people living in Moon Fest headquarters (Woolwich) tell us what they think about the moon and life. This week we chatted to Rasheeda Page-Muir, our community liaison. Rasheeda is a student, poet and youth worker born and raised in SE18. She runs a youth organisation called revolYOUtion London based in the Woolwich Dockyard YMCA. ‘I love my area, it has shaped me in more ways imaginable and I am passionate about showcasing the incredible talent Woolwich has to offer.’


  • So, Rasheeda, how do you feel about the moon?

It’s funny because before my involvement with Moon Fest I didn’t think about the moon much but these days I can’t stop staring at it. I think it’s beautiful that there is this one unifying force that unites us all, it’s something we all see every single night but rarely talk about collectively. Discussion about exploring what unites us as human beings us opposed to what divides us is incredibly imperative during these deeply polarising times.

  • What is your favourite thing about Woolwich?

My favourite thing about Woolwich is its diversity and community. Growing up in the area, I have seen it change a lot but there still remains a wealth in culture made evident through the sounds, the smells and the sight of the area. Living in Woolwich I’ve met people from all around the world, and as a consequence have been made profoundly cognisant of what makes us different but what also makes us so very similar as human beings. I’m a better person because of Woolwich and I wouldn’t want to have grown up anywhere else.

  • What makes you smile most?

I have a niece and 3 nephews. Being able to take time out and just play with them makes me smile. Their curiosity, emotional intelligence and youthfulness is always a breath of fresh air