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Do We Have a Right to the Moon? | Discussion | Thursday 25 July

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What are humanity’s  legal, ethical, artistic and political rights over the Moon? A space lawyer, a politician, a PR Queen, a space engineer, an entrepreneur and a poet discuss. 

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What are humanity’s  legal, ethical, artistic and political rights over the Moon? Does planting a flag on the Moon have any actual meaning? What does it say about us that we’d want it to? Is sending people to the Moon as important to contemporary space missions as gathering data might be? What could be lost by stripping the Moon of its mystery? Can we draw any parallels between the West’s compulsion towards colonisation and the colonisation of space? What’s the link between the space race and masculinity? Through this debate style event your host Rasheeda Page-Muir invites you to join world leading cultural critics, scientists and legal experts to explore and debate those questions in coincidence with the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing. This event is part of Moon Festival, a celebration of the Moon marking the 50th anniversary of the first Moon Landing.

Rasheeda Page-Muir
Rasheeda Page-Muir is a 21-year old poet, speaker, writer and community organiser. After 2 years in the UK Youth Parliament she founded Revolyoution London. She studies Politics and Social Anthropology at SOAS.


Piero Messina – Director General Services at European Space Agency
Piero Messina is a senior policy & strategy officer in the European Space Agency Director General Strategy Department. He is in charge of relationships with Member States including the UK, Ireland, Spain, Luxembourg and has been working on the space resources issues and on the Moon Village vision.



Joy Francis is executive director of Words of Colour Productions, a creative communications agency that promotes, facilitates and develops writers and creatives of colour, of all genres, and collaborates with arts, creative and writing industries to increase cultural inclusion. Joy also collaborated with the British Council Southern Africa to establish the first African Science Cafes with Dr Sheila Ochugboju and is co-founder and head of Digital Women UK.



Anja Blaj – Anja is a lawyer from Slovenia with a specialism in Space Law and Blockchain. She is the Head of Advocacy at European Blockchain Hub, founded Ljubljana Legal Hackers Chapter, is on the team organising Distributed Governance Conference (DGov 2019) and is part of the Coalition of Automated Legal Application (COALA). She was also a coach at Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition.


Anushka Sharma – Anushka has been active in the tech ecosystem across the UK, Europe and the USA for over 6 years. Having a Computing background, she’s moved across politics, the Olympics and ​innovation ​strategy.  Naaut has her Space startup focused on innovation and frontier technology for our multi-planetary future.


Paul Iliffe is a spacecraft operations engineer and UK coordinator for the Moon Village Association. He has experience in the space industry, academia, and not-for-profit sector. He has studied in the UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, and France, is a fluent speaker of German and Japanese, is currently studying French and Russian, and is an aspiring Ballroom and Latin dancer.



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