Ahmed Akasha is a highly experienced and versatile creative lead with 14 years experience. A self confessed teaholic and music snob, he founded and runs D237, a boutique creative agency.

Ahmed Akasha

Visual Director
Suzanne Alleyne 013 by Suzi Corker

Suzanne is a creative strategist. Working at the intersection of culture and commerce, she has 25 years’ experience of supporting and consulting for high profile international organisations and individuals. Suzanne is a neurodiverse leader with mental health diagnoses that benefits her work. Collaboration is at the heart of everything she does.

Suzanne Alleyne

Creative Strategist

Janet is a digital strategist with a passion for art, Jazz and all things cosmos related. Janet has managed global marketing campaigns and led on content strategies for the likes of Europecar, Barclays, BIC and the Tom Sawyer Effect.

Janet Bulla

Digital Producer

Jen is a freelance curator and oral historian with a passion for community heritage projects. Her projects have ranged from punk to rowing, disability rights to tattoo culture, and always involve collaboration with people and organisations to ensure the histories collected are diverse and authentic.

Jen Kavenagh

Heritage Manager

Eleanor is an accountant and a singer. As an accountant she worked for Keychange Charity and NPO Spread the Word. As a singer, she tours the world with Stile Antico.

Eleanor Harris

Finance Director

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PR Agency

Livia Filotico is Moon Festival’s founder and Director. She is a social anthropologist trained at Goldsmiths University, a creative producer, and a passionate supporter of disruptive forms of communications.

Livia Filotico

Festival Director

Jacqui is an experienced outdoor event producer. Whilst working at GDIF she delivered a wide range of events from site specific participation pieces to large scale spectacles. Jacqui is passionate about making culture accessible to all, by bringing art outdoors and in unusual spaces.

Jacqui Gavin

Outdoors Producer

Irenosen Okojie is a Nigerian British writer and curator. Her debut novel 'Butterfly Fish' won a Betty Trask award. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Observer,The Guardian, the BBC amongst other publications.

Irenosen Okojie


Rasheeda Page-Muir is a 20-year old poet, speaker, writer and community organiser. After 2 years in the UK Youth Parliament she founded Revolyoution London. She studies Politics and Social Anthropology at SOAS.

Rasheeda Page-Muir

Community Liaison

Laxmi is a poet and short story writer. She founded Junkiri Initiatives, an organisation supporting marginalised women and girls through arts & literature and graduated as a qualified Social Worker from University of East London.

Laxmi Rai

Community Engagement
IMG_1030 2

Linda is a soon-to-graduate student of Arts Management at Goldsmiths University. She is interested in immersive events, social media, and all things art. In her free time she likes playing with clay and mis-using watercolour paint. Bonus fact: Luna is her middle name.

Linda Savini

Social Media Manager

Francesca is a pharmacist and chemist with a long-lasting passion for plants; she currently works at UCL as a research associate for the Phytotherapy and Pharmacognosy Group

Francesca Scotti

Garden Curator



Josephine Burton is a creative producer of over 70 new pieces of award-winning cross art-form work nationally and internationally. Josephine is a music advisor for PRS Foundation and professional vocalist.

Josephine Burton


Ian Forrester is a well known character on the digital scene in the UK and Europe. Living in Manchester, UK, he works for the BBC's R&D Future Experiences team. He specialises in open innovation and new disruptive opportunities. His current research is into the area of future narrative and storytelling, with a technology he calls Perceptive Media.

Ian Forrester


Daniel is the founding Director of Science Gallery London at King’s College London. He was the first scientist to serve as a judge for the Man Booker Prize and regularly presents and contributes to television and radio programmes.

Dan Glaser


Lucie is a British science communicator and solar researcher. She presents The Sky at Night and is a Royal Society University Research Fellow at Mullard Space Science Laboratory of the University College London.

Dr. Lucie Green