Moon Festival Tickets On Sale

“Ever thought about what the moon actually does? Its tremendous influence on people from the personal, to the cultural via to the political? The Moon Festival team is getting ready to submit to the wonder of the moon. Tomorrow, we’re asking you to do the same and here is why.

“As far as nights go, the one across Sunday 20th – Monday 21st Jan is going to be epic. First, it’s the last lunar eclipse Britain will get to fully experience for the next 10 years. Second, it marks six months to go till Moon Festival. To the day.

So what better day to launch the first two events of our summer season of lunar delights? Starting on Sunday January 20th and over the next six months, we will unveil a new Moon Festival event on each full Moon. Tickets are likely to go VERY fast so don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Maverick Women & the Moon

Throughout history and all across the world, there have always been women who lived at the edge of society. And while they were at it, many have looked at the moon as a source of courage and inspiration. On July 20th you will meet many of them, spanning five continents. From 15th century European Moon Goddesses all the way to Chinese lunar environmentalists via Mauritian herbalism and NASA’s mathematicians, prepare to be enchanted by the magic of the Moon in a multi disciplinary and multi sensory feminine lunar delight. Please note: tickets for this event are limited and likely to go very very fast. Grab yours quickly.



Do we, as humans, have a right to put up flags on the Moon? Is exploring the boundaries of the universe as important to contemporary space missions as gathering data is? What could be lost by stripping the Moon of its mystery? Please note: tickets for this event are limited and likely to go very very fast. Grab yours quickly.


Any questions, just drop us a line.

About Moon Festival

“‘Wherever you go, at whatever point in time, people have always held the moon in high regard. It is a sign of our time that don’t and I’m not sure it’s a good sign.” Livia Filotico – Festival Director

Through talks, debates, parties, art exhibitions and experiences, Moon Festival wants to renew people’s love for the big bright rock in the sky.