A venerable tradition may indeed have been established.

Researching and creating ways to honour the relationship between Canada and the Moon has been a pleasure for all the artists, creatives and bright minds involved. We hope it will be an equally pleasurable experience for you to discover them. The Canadian Moon Festival kicks off next Sunday, July 5th, with over 28 pieces of bite-sized content. Catch what you can, when you can by following us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, by subscribing to our newsletter and by keeping an eye on the #CanadaGoesDigital hashtag.

It’s all free and frankly delightful.

We hope this work may inspire a month of peculiar nights and wonder-filled strolls.


The Moon Festival Team


July 5th – August 3rd| Full Moon | An unpublished moon-themed fable by author Margaret Atwood.

July 9th and July 30th | Waning and Waxing Gibbous | Opera queen Janet Fischer sings about pining over a lost lover under the pale glow of the moon. Mind you, we don’t use the word queen lightly but she earned the title by making Ms Atwood cry tears of mystique at the inaugural Moon Festival.

July 12th and July 27th | Last and First Quarter | The Moon and the Oceans: an Interview with science journalist Alanna Mitchell. This is the same woman who’s been charmingly, wittingly and truthfully telling us to stop killing our oceans, or else. Might she have a point?

July 15th and July 21st | Waning and Waxing Crescent | What makes a building lunar, and why on earth does it matter? Architect Douglas Cardinal, known all around the world for his non-hierarchical buildings with a soul, shares his unique view.

July 19th | New Moon | Margaret Atwood’s Opening Speech at the Inaugural Moon Festival: What’s so special about the Moon.

July 24th | Waxing Crescent | Tarqeq means Moon in Inuktut. Today we get to know this ancestral spirit through stories, art and history.


Contemporary art: from Shary Boyle‘s dreamscapes to an intergenerational tale of moon synchronicities by Martha Richler, via Alex Janvier‘s visionary The 13 Moons.

Do you know how breathtakingly beautiful and varied the Canadian landscape is? Paul Zizka does and he shares his passion for the land with a breathtaking photo essay spanning rockies and lakes, snowflakes and auroras – all under the piercing eye of our beloved night rock.


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A heartfelt thank you goes to the High Commission of Canada in the UK. Their sense of humour and their curiosity are making this all possible.