July 20th | 8.30pm | Battersea Arts Centre | Tickets |

Oh wow it’s EXACTLY 12 months to go till Moon Festival!

To celebrate, we’re inviting you to a night out in Battersea.

Join three rising stars in the world of storytelling as they weave together stories of the moon, against the musical backdrop of a live musician.

Following a series of unusual and highly successful shows across London and the UK, three big voices revitalising the UK storytelling scene join forces for an original show celebrating the moon. Prepare for a night of high tides and low inhibitions as we venture through time and space to reminisce, reclaim and reimagine what the moon really means to us all.

We’re working on this event with our glorious friends at Chill Night Out. And of course we haven’t forgotten our promise – we’ll extract the magic name from the magic hat for the magic moon night in the moon hotel in July.